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 | Year 2006 |

 | Year 2005 |


-| Year 2004 |-

In the year 2004 Hashmat prepared and sang some songs for an Afghan movie in the name of Ayanda which was filmed in London. Hashmat prepared its  music, The director of this movie is Yusof Royan. For your kind information, it is declared that Hashmat sang the songs with Sima Tarana one of our famous singers. This movie is released in DVD and you can get it from your nearest music store or  Afghan shops.

-| Year 2003 |-

Live in Concert  CD Released by Chorasan Music  Germany. Now you can get it in all afghan stores around the world.

-| Year 2002 |-

-14 Dec 2002 Live Concert  in Copenhagen, Denmark .

Live Concert with Qader Eshpari and Mariam in:
- Amsterdam (Netherlands)
- Hamburg (Germany)
- Frankfort (Germany)
- Düsseldorf.

-| Year 2001 |-
Live concert in Virginia, and New York, United State of America
Release of album "
Khatera-e-Aanshab "; Meaning the "Memory of the Night".
-| Year 2000 |-

Live concert in London, United Kingdom
Release of second album called "
Tabassum" meaning "Smile".


-| Year 1999 |-

Live concert in London, United Kingdom
Release of the first album, called "Shahr-e-Arezo" meaning "City of Hopes".



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